Uninterruptible DC power supply systems with VSR stationary batteries

Types of systems:

- VSR - transformation systems with thyristor control – basic model   VSR pdf
- VSRS - - transformation systems with thyristor control with diode voltage compensation to the load     VSRS pdf
- VSRI - pulse systems      VSRI pdf

Major specifications:

- Stabilized IU characteristics according to DIN 41773;
- Control of battery symmetry;
- Indication of power connection cut off;
- Sectioned battery system (tail components).


- Power generation industry, for application in Thermal, Water and Nuclear power plants; Substations;
- BDZ – Railway station automation systems, communication systems;
- Telecommunications, security systems, fire safety and alarm systems;
- Emergency lighting systems of hotels, public buildings, public facilities, etc.


- Temperature undercharge voltage compensation;
- Stabilization of voltage to the load by diode compensation (option: pulse regulator);
- Control of earth leakage;
- Microprocessor controller RS 232, faults record;
- Serial interface Can 2.0;
- Software;
- Cell-by-cell equalizing charge;
- Ah-meter.

Product range of VSR current rectifiers

Rated output voltage - 24V; 48V; 60V; 110V; 220V.
Rater output current - from 10А to 150А.