A company with a long history

    Genuine things in science and in arts are not being created for money. They are something inside one’s soul and do not let one eat or sleep until they see them real. The feeling that there is a mission, determined by the nature and this gift must be shared and must make happy as many people as possible – this is the inventive genius.

    The end of the last century – there was no crisis. Public tranquility – 15 – 20 years working with guaranteed salary, we were doing our favorite creative work in a socialist-time plant. Around us – complete irresponsibility and show off. However, the accumulated potential has looked for its creative performance. In order to free ourselves from the existing system restrictions, to take our own way and to develop our potential, we have established VC "CONVERT" which was registered in 1999

     VC "CONVERT" has been established by a group of leading engineers having long years of experience in engineering and design, manufacturing and sale of power semi-conductor current transformers – convertors. Like in the famous films “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Seven Samurai” and in other fairy tales, we have set up a team of real professionals who are experts in different fields, joined by the basic principle “Whatever we do we do it well”.

    The innovative approach of the company and the dialogue with clients makes it possible to respond to market needs and requirements without any delay and in compliance with the scientific achievements all over the world. The continuous development of products manufactured by applying up-to-date technologies, allows us to offer to our clients high quality products at competitive prices.

    The meticulously selected engineering team is monitoring the quality at each production stage up to the finished product. Research and development work; software development, ergonomic design, legal and patent protection services are assigned to reputable qualified companies.

    The printed circuits, mechanical structures, and assembly units are made by co-operated companies, operating state of the art technical equipment. The basic components and manufacturing materials are supplied by world leading manufacturers, such as Microchip, HP, Siemens, Philips, Samsung, etc.

    The test stands and PC-based parameters control methods guarantee high quality and reliability, giving us the right to state, that our transformers are ”World Class Converters”. An additional proof of their high level is the fact that three competitors are literally copying our products. This is just an incentive to move forward offering better and more attractive products, and the winner in this process is His Majesty – the client!