In our 33-year long experience as an engineering company dealing with chargers following every single step of applied science, our team has developed the following new ranges of current convertors:
    1977г –Implementation of Silicon semi-conductor diodes – „ЕPК” gamma convertors for charging of traction batteries – Wa parameter – non-stabilized.
    1982г – Implementation of thyristors „ЕКТ” gamma convertors for charging of traction and stationary batteries – IU parameter –stabilized;
    1996г –Implementation of specialized integrated circuits – gamma chargers РКZ „PULSAR” for traction batteries – I1UI2ae parameter.
    2000г „Acutonic” - reversible current transformer for additional charging and desulphurization of accumulator starting batteries.
    2003г - Implementation of diode-thyristor potential-free modules – gamma transformers „EPK M-Pulsar” for charging of traction batteries for battery-operated trucks and sky-lifts – awarded gold medal at the Provdiv International Fair 2005;
    2006г – Implementation of opto-semister control – gamma chargers „ElPulsCar” battery-operated trucks and sky-lifters – I1UI2ae parameter with pulsating current.
    2007г – – Implementation of micro-processor controllers – gamma chargers "VIPS BRAVO" for battery-operated trucks and sky-lifters with OPzS; AGM and GEL traction batteries – programmable parameter with pulsating reversible current. Awarded gold medal at the Plovdiv International Fair 2007.
     2008г – Implementation of capacitive sensors for current transformers control. AC-DC convertors and DC-AC invertors – a new product designed jointly in cooperation with an European partner – the lowest prices for this class.
    Implementation of high frequency mains AC-DC convertors for setting up of systems with uninterrupted power supply from stationary batteries.
    2009г - The range VIPS BRAVO has been awarded a gold medal not for the good hardware design, but for the new software concept, optimizing their operating parameters.
    2010г - Implementation of gamma current transformers "EPKar" for traction batteries, featuring a new ergonomic design and charging parameters adaptable to the battery condition, which prevents overheating, boiling and overcharging.

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